Is poker an olympic sport

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Matching Up for Team Play. If poker is approved as an Olympic sport, the game played will be “Match Poker,” a variation that adds a team element to Texas hold’em.

Believe it or not, the game of poker is actually older than the modern Olympic Games. ... After all, if “sports” like kite flying and cannon ball firing had their chance, ... Poker Recognized as a Skill Game by IMSA - Poker News Daily Apr 29, 2010 ... “Poker's participation alongside bridge, chess and other mind sports in ... to help gain further ground in becoming a part of the Olympic Games. About - International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP)

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Could Poker Become an Olympic Sport? - Online Poker at ... The International Olympic Committee has the last word on who is in and who is out. Over the years, many sports have been discontinued by the IOC, games like polo and tug of war. Now we need to know the path to becoming an Olympic sport to see if poker even has a chance. Well, the first step in the process is recognition as a sport by the ... Poker In The Olympics? - Poker News Daily An English gaming company has recently revived the idea that poker should be an official sport for Olympic competition, but admits that there are other sports which have much better grounds for ...

Poker as an Olympic Sport? Here's The Only Way It Could Ever ...

'Match' Poker Among Newly Recognized Sports on Path to Olympics ... Oct 19, 2017 ... The Global Association of International Sports Federations granted match poker " observer" status on Oct. 2, a step towards joining the Olympic ... Poker as an Olympic Sport No Longer a Far-Fetched Idea - CardsChat Oct 19, 2017 ... Is poker just a game or is it a sport? That question has been debated for years, but the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is now giving ... Page 2 : Does poker qualify as a sport?

Poker as an Olympic Sport No Longer a Far-Fetched Idea

Should Poker Be An Olympic Sport? | Gene Bromberg And that’s why poker won’t, and shouldn’t, be an Olympic event. It wouldn’t be bigger than the World Series of Poker. Unless…unless every seat in Olympic poker cost, say, $1 million, and each nation could send as many players as they wanted. Top three places pay out. Page 2 : Does poker qualify as a sport? By Jay Lovinger Page 2. Is poker a sport? Before I attempt to answer that question, here's another one: What difference does it make?. A couple of times in the past few weeks, Tony Kornheiser of ... poker – OlympicTalk - OLYMPIC TALK olympics Select Sport ... Michael Phelps said he plans to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event in July, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Olympic sports - Wikipedia

Match Poker has been officially recognized as a member of the Olympic family of sports, with the GAISF granting it the Observer Status. The debate whether poker should be considered a sport is an old one with two sides of the argument stubbornly sticking to their guns.

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